9 Signs of Unforgiveness
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In life we are destined to be hurt by someone else. It does not matter how great our relationship is, we will still end up getting hurt.

We must learn to forgive—so that we don’t put ourselves in a mental prison of the perpetual negative thoughts and feelings that unforgiveness brings.

9 Signs of unforgiveness are:

  1. Talking negatively about the offending party. I’m not saying for you to pretend like nothing ever happen—it is ok to discuss the offense as part of the healing process.


  1. You feel that feeling of hate in your stomach when you see them.


  1. You feel you need to get revenge to settle the score (tit for tat).


  1. You directly or indirectly say mean things about them. This is done a lot on social media.


  1. You tell lies about them to other with hopes of tarnishing their reputation.


  1. You plot to harm them yourself or get someone else to do it.


  1. You convince others to hate them as much as you do.


  1. You finds ways to avoid being around them.


  1. You refuse to let go of the pain they caused you and move forward.




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9 Signs of Unforgiveness

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