There are many reasons change is good, listed below are 5 Reasons to embrace change and self-esteem building.

I’ll be the first to admit that change can be scary. It’s easier to keep doing the same thing over and over again.

In her article, Ten Reasons People Resist Change, Rosabeth Kanter states one reason people resist change is “excess uncertainty”. She goes on to state “If change feels like walking off a cliff blindfolded, then people will reject it. People will often prefer to remain mired in misery than to head toward an unknown.”

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What you gain when you embrace Change:

When you take action, although you may fear change- you gain confidence. The more you continue to evolve, the more you will see yourself grow and get results.

5 Reasons to Embrace Change and Self-esteem building
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  • When you change you learn something new, which leads to improvement in your personal or professional life. Many times things are not as bad as we think they are. You may need to change a handful of things before you reach your goal. You have to learn the solution to the problems you face before you can change.
  • When you embrace change, you open the door to possibilities that you did not have before. For example, going from low self-esteem to building self-esteem, accepting an offer for a promotion on your job, taking action to pursue your goals and dreams, etc.
  • One of the most important reasons to embrace change is because it helps you to grow and stretch. I believe most people want to grow and become a better person.
  • Last but not least, doing things differently brings progression. We all need to make progress and keep moving forward to our goals and dreams.

Do not let uncertainty make you resist change. There was a time in my life when uncertainty made me feel anxious.

I had to fight that fear and make necessary changes to get what I want out of life. You only have 1 life to live, don’t let fear make you resist change.

You need to stay positive and keep a positive perspective.

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5 Reasons to Embrace Change and Self-Esteem Building
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