Are you a loyal listener? Merriam-Webster describes “loyal” as having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something.

In the past several weeks I have challenged you to learn to listen. I taught and wrote about the importance of listening and how it could enrich your life.

Image courtesy of Ambro at
Image courtesy of Ambro at

Now it’s time to make sure that we are loyal listeners, too.

When we are a loyal listener of those we choose to follow, we support what they say and do, and we implement what we have heard into our lives.

I am not saying you should do what everybody tells you to. That’s why I asked the question a few articles ago,” who are you listening to?”

You need to make sure you are listening to someone who has experience and/or training in what they are helping you with. And, make sure their talk matches their walk; that they are not saying one thing and doing another.

You can’t listen and be loyal to everybody- this would be too time-consuming and probably would yield little to no results in the end.

It’s important to seek out people that are reliable and have the wisdom that you need and follow them.

You may not agree with every single thing they say, but that’s o.k. I don’t know of any person that I agree with every single thing they say.

Benefits of being a loyal listener are:

  • You can learn how to overcome specific issues in your life.
  • You gain life-changing wisdom from someone else’s life experience.
  • Listening can shorten the learning curve, especially when you are trying to gain understanding for a complicated issue or subject.
  • You can grab exclusive, time-sensitive discounts and/or give-a-ways by just showing up and listening.
  • When you show loyalty to the people you follow they usually show it back.

About 16 years ago, I won a trip to an island name St. Lucia. I had never heard of this island before I won my trip. I won by being a loyal listener to my favorite jazz station, down in South Florida.

They had a contest where you listen to the song in the morning and then when they played it in the afternoon, be the 9th caller. I made sure that I listened while I worked and when I heard the Grover Washington song, I called.

I won a trip to Sandals Halcyon Beach, in St. Lucia. It is a beautiful resort and my mom and I enjoyed it. If you’ve ever heard of, or been to Sandals, you know it’s a higher-end resort. I am grateful to have gone just for being a loyal listener.

Listening has so many rewards. I love listening!

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Are you a loyal listener?
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