Do not let someone else’s negative perspective to become your reality. Our perspective is simply the way we view things.

Do not let someone else’s negative perspective to become your reality.
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If you constantly listen to someone who has a negative perspective, you will become negative, too. You cannot expect to be better and do better in life, with a negative perspective. You have to decide how you will view things and situations.

Your perspective creates your reality; negative or positive, the choice is yours. Yes, there are going to be folks who will try to contaminate you with negativity.

I challenge you, do not let them do it. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself from these types of people.

People with negative perspectives will:

  1. Tell you that your hopes and dreams are not within your reach.
  2. Talk about their negatives experience(s) until the cows come home.
  3. Will not support your aspirations or goals.
  4. Try to talk you out of your purpose and destiny.
  5. Not want to see you get ahead and move forward in life.
  6. Gossip about other people as if it were a life mission.
  7. Make an excuse for why they are not where they want to be.
  8. Live in the past.
  9. Want other people to think like them.
  10. Blame other people for all their problems and failures.

We all know these types of people. If you let them, they will drain the life out of you. One of the things that I have heard many successful people say was “get the negativity out of your life.”

You can do more than you think…It starts with the way you think. One of my favorite TV evangelists is Joel Osteen. When he speaks, he makes me feel that I can accomplish what I want.

What’s your perspective?

Many people are not aware of their perspective and the effect it has on their life.  You can get more done in life when you are positive. When those negative attitudes come to your mind, think of something up-lifting and you’ll start to develop a positive perspective.

It will take time to change your perspective.  You may have setbacks, but don’t let that stop you. It’s important you stay connected with positive people in your personal and virtual life.


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Do not let someone else’s negative perspective to become your reality.
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