When I was younger I was diagnosed with a rare blood condition called Histiocytosis x. They found it at the age 1 ½.  Because it was in the blood, it was treated like cancer so I was put on

Me By At The Pediatrics

chemotherapy. During this time, I was in and out of the hospital for 5 ½ years.

Since this is a rare condition the symptoms do not always show up or they get mistaken for a cold. This condition is thought to affect 1 in 200,000 children.  Although anyone can get this at any age, it occurs most between the ages of 1-3.

The Port

Prayer was, and is, paramount in my family.  Although I do not remember much, I do remember all of the prayers and reading the Bible.  I get many memories from my family members who often tell me how bad it was.  I do remember certain things like getting shots in my port, (a device that  connect to a blood vessel near the heart) and watching movies in the hospital

bed, getting phone calls from family.

When I first started taking the chemo my hair thinned out a little.  A few years later they tried a new medication; and because of the new medication, all of my hair fell out. Even

though I had this condition I still had to go to school.  I would wear a bandana or a hat, and kids always ask me where my hair was, or why I don’t have any.   One day that I will never forget is the day my hat flew off in my kindergarten P.E class, and all of the kids in my class started to

laugh at me.

My faith in God pulled me through and helped me over come. My family and I never lost the hope that I would fully recovered.  Now 11 years later, Histiocytosis x free.   I am healthy but dealing with little side effects that are not detrimental.  With the chemotherapy my growth was stunted so I am 4’11 and I have diabetes insipidus that I am taking medication for and that is all. Lastly, always remember, to succeed you need hope in you!



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Overcoming sickness
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