Stay the course is a phrase I constantly hear and believe in. This is essential if we want to be successful and reach our goals in life and see dreams come true. Simply put, you cannot give up. There are going to be many times when life challenges make you want to veer off course, but you have to resist and persist.

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When we resist the temptation to give up, there is no other option but to move forward and persevere.

When plans don’t go your way

This is a time when many people get discouraged and want to quit. I know what it’s like to plan for one thing and something else happens. Stuff happens; we can’t sit and wallow in what should have happened. We must be realistic, find solutions, and know that everything will work out in the end.

Change your perspective

I am glad that my plans have not always gone my way. There are a few past relationships that while I was in them, I thought that it was meant to be. I was wrong, if I stayed in those dead-end relationships, I would not have met my wonderful husband.

Once you start to change your perspective when things don’t go your way, you will be encouraged instead of discouraged.

Don’t rush

I believe most of us have heard the story about the Tortoise and the Hare. The Hare was boastful and proud. He thought that because the Tortoise was slow, he was going to beat him in a race. The Tortoise agreed to race the Hare. The Hare was really fast in the beginning and he thought he would win. The Hare saw how slow the Tortoise was going and started veering off the course and got distracted doing other things. The Tortoise stayed the course and won the race. In the end- he told the Hare slow and steady wins the race.

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Is there anything in life you are struggling with staying the course with?



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Stay the Course
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