You will probably be surprised that the number one cause of relationship problems is pride. The bible in Proverbs 13:10-12 states “pride causes arguments, but those who listen to others are wise.”

The number one cause of relationship problems
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There are two types of pride: one is positive and the other is negative. Merriam-Webster’s  dictionary has several definitions for pride.  

Two of them are 1.) a feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by other people, and 2.) a feeling that you are more important or better than other people.

Having self-respect is great, but thinking that you are better than other people is a negative form of pride.

Negative pride is associated with arrogance type of thinking. People who think this way do not like to listen to other people. This negative pride causes arguments and relationships suffer because of it.

No one person can be-it-all and know-it-all. It would be foolish pride to think so.

If you want to have better relationships take the time to listen to others. Don’t forget to listen empathetically and to put all distractions away. You have to put your phone or whatever it is that you’re doing to the side or your relationship will suffer.

This applies to any type of relationship. It may be romantic, mother, father, child, friend, etc. No one wants to have to compete with your phone, social media, or whatever it is you love to do for your attention.

It takes patience and time to change from negative pride– but you can do it.

People who take the time to listen and understand other people are wise. This is part of how problems are worked out and relationships are preserved.

We need to listen to those we are in relationships with. You may not agree with everything that is being stated and that is ok. It’s all about seeking first to understand.

I have seen many people make themselves look foolish by speaking before they listen. I have done this myself in the past and have learned to listen to understand before I speak.

There is much to be gained by listening. You can learn a lot about people by listening to what they say.

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The number one cause of relationship problems
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