Who are you learning to listen to? Listening to the wrong people can send your life in the wrong direction.

Who are you learning to listen toYou have to learn to listen to experienced, credible people. Before you take advice from someone, examine the outcomes and/or experience(s) in their lives. Here are a few questions that you can ask them:

  1. Why should I listen to you?
  2. What life experience or training do they have that could that could help me?
  3. If someone’s experience is their expertise – you can ask what the outcomes of their experience were.
  4. If someone’s training is there an expertise- you can ask what the outcomes of the people they have helped in the past were.

After you listen don’t be afraid to ask questions

Before you proceed in any type of relationship or business transaction ask plenty of questions. When people have a problem with answering questions, usually this is a red flag.

Asking questions can save you lots of money in the end. Asking good questions can help you detect deceitful people. I know from experience, it works.

Listening to the right people

We feel better when we hear from the right people. This leads to sound decision making, which turns to success.

If you are trying to learn to budget your money and get out of debt, you would not want to go to someone who declared bankruptcy several times. That would be like the “blind trying to lead the blind.”

You cannot expect for someone who lacks experience or training to direct you, correctly.

Experience vs. Training

Training is great-but experience is better.  I have seen that many people are more willing to listen to someone who has the experience, but lacks the training like having a college degree.

Don’t take what I just said the wrong way; there is nothing wrong with having a college degree. However, many employers consider experience over a degree. It’s wonderful to learn to do something, but it’s even better to have done it (wisdom/experience).

Merriam-Webster describes wisdom as knowledge that is gained by having many experiences in life.

This is why more and more people, including myself, go and read online reviews and/or testimonies before buying a product or service.

We can read what the manufactures say about a product or service- but it’s not the same as listening to someone who has experienced or used it for themselves.

Experience is powerful!

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Who are you learning to listen to?
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