The people we choose to listen to affect our lives— that’s why you need to learn to listen to positive people and not negative people.

Let’s face it, in life we are going to face many challenging times. The last thing you need is to listen or surround yourself with negative people. Negativity is contagious—if you surround yourself with negative people, it will bring you down and/or you will become like them.

A lesson from birds

When was the last time you saw an eagle hanging out with a pigeon? I don’t know about you- but I have never seen that and do not expect to. Although they are both birds, a pigeon is not on the same level as an eagle. Eagles fly high! It would be a waste of time for an eagle to hang around or listen to the sounds that pigeons make. Pigeons fly low.

Positive people

You need to listen to positive people and not negative peoplePositive people are refreshing! If you are not positive yet, I challenge you to start listening to positive people. You know, the people who see the glass half-full instead of half-empty. Positive people will enrich your life in so many ways. When I think of positive people I think of people like Dr. Willie Jolley. When I listened to him speak in person, I felt like being more and doing more!

Don’t let negative people bring you down  

A negative persons’ energy makes you feel hopeless; and if you listen long enough, you’ll have the case of the “woe is me.” As I stated in a previous article, stuff happens. We have two choices, we can sit around and talk about how bad it is or we can remain hopeful and do whatever it takes to achieve that which we desire.

Who are you listening to?

The people you listen to influence your life. If you want to have a fulfilling life and relationships you need to listen to positive people. In the long run, listening to negative people will bring you down.

Also, I have heard many people blame other people for their failures, instead of taking personal responsibility for themselves. When you blame or make excuses, you leave no room to change your circumstances and become better than you were.

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You need to learn to listen to positive people and not negative people
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